I'm Dr. Richard Bend, Jr., a third Generation Chiropractor, one of 32 chiropractors in my family since 1925 when my Grandfather opened his first office. My Grandmother actually hated chiropractors and then later became one, opened her own office in 1929, met my Grandpa and got married to him. That story is a book all by itself!

I graduated in 1983 from St. Clair High in St. Clair, MI promptly leaving for Yuma, AZ. There I began working for Bell-Textron which was supporting the Army in weapons testing. An interesting job for an 18-year-old kid, yet they didn't let me near the artillery for some reason.  November 22, 1986, I was inducted into the United States Navy and spent the holiday season in San Diego, CA. I turned 22 while in Boot Camp.  Went to Submarine School in Groton, CT and eventually reported on board the USS Baton Rouge in December of 1988.  It was while serving on board the Baton Rouge that this story "The Odessa Legacy" began to take shape.  I was later stationed at Moffett Field - Mountain View, CA, where I met my future wife, Laurie. During the Gulf War I was stationed on the USNS Mercy in Casualty Receiving, luckily I did not have to do the job I was trained to do.  Laurie and I married on May 30, 1993, and promptly moved to Marietta, GA where I attended Life University the world's largest Chiropractic College.  I graduated in June 2000. 

My wife and I have three children Mitchell, Rachel and Kyle. Mitch is currently serving in the Coast Guard on board the Cutter Alert out of Astoria, OR.  Rachel is attending college and has expressed a desire to serve in the military. Kyle, our youngest, has expressed interest in joining the Navy and being stationed on a submarine. 

I currently practice chiropractic in Monterey, CA with Monterey Chiropractic Group. I have attempted to take up golf with Pebble Beach Golf Courses a stone's throw from my home...sadly I suck, but what a place to live!